Lakeesha Brown

Meet an unstoppable force of energy, a true dynamo who lights up any room. With a passion for planning and exceptional organizational skills, I bring order to every endeavor.

As a devoted mother to a wonderful son for 15 years and happily married for seven years, my family provides a solid foundation for my life. Beyond my roles as a wife and mother, I find joy in singing, cooking, dancing, and exploring different cultures and cuisines.

Born in Jamaica, I have journeyed from New York to Florida, armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Florida Metropolitan University. With 20 years of accounting experience and five years as a successful franchise owner, I demonstrate my commitment to excellence and business acumen.

With unwavering dedication, dynamic personality, and diverse accomplishments, I am an unstoppable force ready to conquer new challenges and create lasting impacts. Life is my canvas, and I paint it with vibrant strokes of joy, love, and fulfillment.